5 Alumni Continuing to Create

5 Alumni: Continuing to Create


This exhibition features recent work by five alumni artists, invited by the faculty of the art department:
Audrey Brown
Mark Hansen
justin carl hurty
Drew Starenko
John VandeWalle


PROGRAMMING: justin carl hurty performance in the river: perpetual decay on the path to new landscapes 

justin carl hurty undertook a performance in his site-specific installation the river: perpetual decay on the path to new landscapes. The performance, imbued with ritualistic symbolism, changed the layout of the installation. The detritus of the performance remained in the installation space for the remainder of the exhibition.

PROGRAMMING: 5 Alumni Round Table

Audrey Brown, Mark Hansen, justin carl hurty, Drew Starenko, and John VandeWalle participated in a round table, moderated by Megan Quinn, professor of art. The alumni discussed the various ways they have continued to make work in their lives after Augustana.